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The Best Breakfast in Miami

best breakfast in Miami

Miami has always had incredible weather and has been a popular vacation destination. And while it is known to be a city great to party in and dine at restaurants that are a scene, there are also a lot of healthy, casual breakfast and lunch places to eat. Below are our top recommendations for best breakfast in Miami.

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Tips for Dining at the Best Breakfast in Miami

  • There are a lot of great, healthy, casual breakfast options in Miami.
  • Like most restaurants in Miami, many of these casual breakfast spots will still be higher in price than what you’re used to in other cities (ex Chicago)
  • Most spots below are casual, and you wait in line until you can order at the counter and take a seat.

Pura Vida (Multiple Locations)

best breakfast in Miami Pura Vida

Pura Vida is one of my absolute favorite places to grab a healthy breakfast in Miami. They have many locations including locations in South Beach, Brickell, Design District and Coral Gables. Pura Vida makes health-conscious breakfast and lunch foods. While it is not all organic, Pura Vida does have many healthy options.

What to order: Perfect egg sandwich with the soft boiled eggs (my go to), avocado smash toast, overnight oats, acai bowl,  iced banana brew

Bistro Café (Coral Gables)

best breakfast in Miami Bistro Cafe

Bistro Café in Coral Gables is the opposite of a healthy breakfast, but is incredibly good. It has a focus on fresh ingredients, and you’ll enjoy these ingredients in menu items like their indulgent pancakes, croque monsieur sandwiches, burritos covered on a cheese wrap and more. Even their coffee drinks and morning drinks are rimmed with Nutella, have popsicles added and more. It is an indulgent meal, but absolutely worth it.

What to order: blueberry and cream pancakes (half stack), the burrito, mocha coffee

Maman (Wynwood)

Maman is a trendy café you’ll find in Wynwood. Moman started as a small SoHo café in NYC and recently came to Miami. Here, you can order at the counter or sit down for a casual breakfast or brunch. Maman’s menu is mainly a collection of childhood favorites from the South of France and North America that includes savory dishes like shakshuka and lighter dishes like overnight oats with mango.

What to order: farmhouse granola parfait, overnight oats, breakfast sandwich

Versailles (Little Havana)

best breakfast in Miami Versailles

Versailles is an institution in Miami. It has been around since the 1970s and is known for its authentic Cuban cuisine. Even most of the ordering and menus are in Spanish. Versailles is located in Little Havana and they also have an outpost in the Miami Airport if you only have a chance to stop by as you are boarding your flight. There are two Versailles right next to each other in Little Havana. One is more of a grab and go spot, and the other is a sit down restaurant.

What to order: guava and cheese pastry

Zak the Baker (Wynwood)

best breakfast in Miami Zak the Baker

Zak the Baker is located in Wynwood and is an incredible option for a casual breakfast or lunch. Zak the Baker is a Kosher restaurant, and is not open on Saturdays, but is a great option to dine in or carry out during the week and on Sundays. They also have a lot of great holiday specials including their local banana custard pie that was on special for Thanksgiving. Zak the Baker gets very packed, especially during Sunday brunch so put your name in early or order to go from the counter.

What to order: yogurt parfait

Jealous Fork (Kendall)

best breakfast in Miami Jealous Fork

Jealous Fork is located a ways out of downtown Miami in Kendall, about a 40-50 minute drive. If you are in the suburbs or staying in Miami for an extended period of time it is definitely worth the trip. Jealous Fork is ranked the 5th best pancake in the country by Travel and Leisure. It started as an artisan pancake food truck in 2019 and recently opened up a brick and mortar spot in Kendall. Jealous Fork offers creative sweet and savory pancakes and has a different special every month. In addition to pancakes, they also have a quick bites section and a big bites section for those that would prefer something other than pancakes.

What to order: strawberry cheesecake pancake, bacon spindle

Bachour (Coral Cables)

best breakfast in Miami Bachour

Bachour is a great place to enjoy a Saturday or Sunday brunch or weekday lunch. The menu has a beautiful selection of pastries, as well as savory and sweet breakfast and lunch options.

What to order: burrata, guava and cheese pancake, challah french toast

Motek (Multiple Locations)

Motek is a great Mediterranean restaurant for a casual breakfast, lunch or dinner. The menu is mostly focused on a modern twist of Israeli cuisine, but there are other dishes like the Middle Eastern dumpling inspired by Turkish culture. There are now multiple locations of Motek around Miami, including a location in Brickell, Miami Beach and a location in Coral Gables.

What to order: labneh za’atar, crispy eggplant, malawach Yemenite pancake

Sunlife Organics (South Beach)

Sunlife Organics is another incredible healthy option to have a casual breakfast or lunch in Miami. All of the menu items at Sunlife Organics are organic. In addition to their menu, they also offer a lot of incredibly healthy snacks and supplements.

What to order: Acai bowl, fresh juice, bone broth, wellness shot (if feeling sick)

Salty Donut (Multiple Locations)

best donuts in Miami Salty Donut

Some mornings you really just need a donut and a coffee and for those mornings, go to Salty Donut. Salty Donut has multiple locations in Miami and a few other states. They are conveniently located in Wynwood, Coconut Grove and South Miami. In addition to their staple donut selection, they also always have seasonal specials so be sure to check out the specials on their Instagram page.

What to order: Guava and cheese (only available in Miami), brown butter

Pastis (Wynwood)

Pastis is a great option for dinner, lunch and brunch. It is located in the Wynwood Arts District and is owned by the same owners as Le Diplomate in Washington D.C. It has a great outdoor area, and indoor seating with large windows opened when the weather is pleasant outside.

What to order: warm shrimp salad, the burger

Best Breakfast in Miami Conclusion

In conclusion, there are a lot of great options for best breakfast in Miami. There are many healthy options for breakfast in Miami that are grab and go or sit down. In Miami, you can also find great Cuban breakfast especially at Versailles. If you want a more traditional sit down breakfast with great food, there are also plenty of options at Motek, Bachour, Zak the Baker and Pastis. We hope you enjoy some of our recommendations for the best breakfast in Miami during your trip!

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