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Best Restaurants in Athens Greece

best restaurants in Athens Greecce

Athens, Greece has an incredible culinary scene, with food available for every palate. Athens boasts a plethora of world-class restaurants, including 31 that are featured on the Michelin Guide. The culinary scene in Athens also offers casual, traditional Greek dining where you can find local, fresh food for very affordable prices. Here are the best restaurants in Athens, Greece that we ate at during our vacation.

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Tips for Dining at the Best Restaurants in Athens

  • There are many incredible casual restaurants in Athens, so if you find that many places are booked last minute you can still have incredible food at places like Kostas.
  • Ask your hotel to help you book restaurants ahead of time
  • Make sure to order local Greek food like octopus, feta wrapped in phyllo with honey drizzle, kebabs and some of the best Greek salads you will ever eat.

Abuelo’s Coffee

best restaurants in Athens, Abuelo's coffee in Plaka

Abuelo’s Coffee is a cool stop to grab a quick coffee in Athens, especially as you start your day exploring Plaka. It is an outdoor café where you order at the window, and your coffee comes in a cool, soda like container. Abuelo’s Coffee has a variety of specialty coffee drinks made from high-quality beans at very affordable prices. They also have pastries and light bites.


best donuts in Athens Greece Lukumades

Lukumades are a popular Greek donut dessert. It essentially is fried dough in the shape of donut holes and you can pick different toppings or fillings. The most popular lukamades to order are lukamades with Greek honey and cinnamon on top. There are a lot of other great options including adding a scoop of ice cream, filled with chocolate praline, or topped with pistachio praline among others. Each order comes with 10, so plenty for sharing.

What to order: lukamades with Greek honey and cinnamon on top


best souvlaki and gyros in Athens at Kostas

Kostas is a very casual eatery in Athens, renowned for its incredible souvlaki. It’s located in the Psiri neighborhood and visitors flock to buy the famous souvlaki which has tender, grilled meat wrapped in a warm pita bread with a generous serving of fresh vegetables and creamy tzatziki sauc. They also offer gyros, grilled meats and Greek salads. It is very affordable, with a souvlaki costing less than $5 but be sure to bring cash.

What to order: souvlaki

Sunset Drinks at Electra Palace Roof Garden

best rooftop drinks in Athens at Electra Palace Roof Garden

At Electra Palace Hotel, located in the heart of Plaka in Athens, Greece, they have an incredible rooftop. The view of the Acropolis at the Electra Palace Roof Garden is stunning, especially at sunset. We had one of our dinners here and learned no matter what, food is served inside. While the walls are all glass, it isn’t the same view. For that reason, instead of dinner we recommend sunset drinks at Electra Palace Roof Garden. You are able to order or bring your drinks outside and enjoy the gorgeous view. Pro tip: if you join Electra Palace Rewards and are staying at Electra Palace you get one free drink per person too.

What to order: drinks at the bar at sunset, and bring them to a table outside

Psaras Old Tavern

best restaurants in Athens Psaras Old Tavern

Psaras Old Tavern was our favorite meal in Athens. This restaurant came recommended by many friends and our hotel and it did not disappoint. Psaras Old Tavern is conveniently located in the historic Plaka neighborhood of Athens and has a charming, outdoor atmosphere. It specializes in fresh seafood and classic Greek dishes. Not only was the meal delicious, but it was also very reasonably priced.

What to order: cheese in phyllo appetizer, appetizer dips, octopus entrée, lamb entrée

Best Restaurants in Athens Conclusion

In conclusion, the best restaurants in Athens have a menu full of authentic, fresh, Greek food. Many restaurants are very affordable, though there is a lot of fine dining in Athens too if that is what you prefer. Spondi and Delta were two fine dining restaurants recommended to us that we didn’t get to.

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