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Best Restaurants in Lake Como

best restaurants in Lake Como

Lake Como has a great, Italian culinary scene. Though Lake Como doesn’t have the density of major Italian cities like Milan and Florence, there are still a lot of great options for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Lake Como. Here is a list of best restaurants in Lake Como.

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Tips for Eating at the Best Restaurants in Lake Como

  • Traditional Italian dishes like pasta and pizza are made with fresh ingredients, make sure to eat all the Italian food you can.
  • Make reservations for popular restaurants ahead of time, especially during the busy summer season
  • Know that some restaurants close during the off-season
  • Some restaurants are also not open every week day, so be sure to check what days all the restaurants you want to go to are open before you finalize your schedule

Best Restaurants in Bellagio

Ristorante Antico Pozzo-$$

best restaurants in Bellagio Ristorante Antico Pozzo

We ate at Ristorante Antico Pozzo after walking around Bellagio and wanting a place nearby. Ristorante Antico is in the middle of Bellagio, so it doesn’t offer the lake views, but we really enjoyed the fresh, Italian food.

La Punta-$$

La Punta is a casual restaurant located at the point of the lake. It has a great view of the sunset, so if you’re eating dinner in Bellagio be sure to make a sunset reservation.

Dai Viga Pasta Fresca- $

best restaurants in Bellagio Lake Como Dai Viga Pasta Fresca

We noticed Dai Viga Pasta Fresca after we had already eaten. It is a very casual lunch place, and seemed to mostly be to go, but you could eat in the open area around the store. There was a line and a large amount of people around eating the pasta. They also sold Apero Spritz personal bottles to go. It does close during the off-season.

Caffe Bar Sport- $

best coffee in Bellagio, Caffe Bar Sport Bellagio Lake Como

Caffe Bar Sport is a great place to get a cup of coffee or cappuccino and enjoy a coffee while sitting outside in Bellagio. There is a big open area nearby, so it’s not too, too crowded as you sit outside but you can also watch the crowds in the distance.

Best Restaurants in Tremezzo

La Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi- $$$$

La Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi is the fine dining restaurant at Grand Hotel Tremezzo. You can do a coursed menu, or order a la carte. They do have a dress code, described as “elegant.”

La Darsena  – $$$

best restaurants in Lake Como La Darsena

La Darsena, the one located in Tremezzo, is right on the lake and has stunning views of the lake. Make sure to go at or before sunset to take advantage of the spectacular views. La Darsena has a great Italian menu, and you can choose from a fixed menu or ordering a la carte. While we enjoyed everything we ordered here, what stood out the most was that we couldn’t decide which desserts we wanted so our group ended up ordering the whole dessert menu.

Casa Aquadulza- $$

Casa Aquadulza in Tremezzo was unfortunately closed on Thursday, which was the only night we had available for dinner, but it came highly recommended by friends. This was described as a hidden gem and one of the best meals of their trip. Our friends recommended getting the porchetta pizza and rib ragu ravelini.

T-Bar Pizza at Grand Hotel Tremezzo- $$

best casual restaurants in Lake Como t-bar pizza

T-bar Pizza is the pizza restaurant at Grand Hotel Tremezzo that is located near the pool behind the hotel. The landscape at Grand Hotel Tremezzo is stunningly beautiful and even though the pizza isn’t offered at their restaurant right along the lake, it is still a beautiful view. The pizza is pricey, as is most food in Lake Como, but it’s a great option for a light meal.

Gelateria Tremezzo-$

best gelato in Lake Como Gelateria Tremezzo

As you’re walking along the lake, Gelateria Tremezzo is a great place to get gelato. Strolling along the lake with a gelato in hand is a great way to spend the afternoon. Note, it does close during the off-season.

Best Restaurants Cadenabbia

Bar Iron Gate – $$

For a casual lunch, check out Bar Iron Gate in Cadenabbia. It is a casual, family owned spot with tasty paninis and draft beers. Cadenabbia is right next to Tremezzo and is an easy walk if you’re staying in Tremezzo, or visiting the area.

Best Restaurants in Corniglia

Il Gatto Nero- $$$

Il Gatto Nero was recommended to us by friends. While we didn’t make it to Corniglia on our trip, our friends described it as having an amazing view and food, though the drive up was a tad bit horrifying. The risotto came recommended.

Best Restaurants in Cernobbio

Harrys Bar Cernobbio- $$$

Harrys Bar Cenobbio is a famous spot to eat in Cernobbio. If you are staying at Villa de Este, it is a great place to enjoy a lunch or dinner that has good food and a great view.

Best Restaurants in Lake Como Conclusion

In conclusion, the best restaurants in Lake Como have a menu full of authentic, fresh, Italian food. Many restaurants are more expensive in Lake Como, though there are still opportunities to get a cheap gelato, beer or coffee as you stroll along the lake or admire the gorgeous landscape.

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