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Best Restaurants in Madrid Spain

Best Restaurants in Madrid Chocolateria San Gines

Madrid has a good food scene, though we personally enjoyed the food scene in Barcelona and Mallorca more in Spain. There are plenty of traditional tapas bars to Michelin-starred establishments and contemporary bistros. Here is the list of best restaurants in Madrid, Spain from our trip to Madrid in Summer 2024.

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Tips for Dining at the Best Restaurants in Madrid

  • Dinner starts being served at 8PM, but most people start eating dinner after 9PM.
  • Meals are normally long – expect dinners to be at least 2 hours.
  • Many restaurants are closed or have different menus before 8PM.
  • Not all waiters / waitresses speak English, though most places do have English menus.
  • Download Google translate ahead of time, so you can use it to communicate with your waiter / waitress if needed.
  • Not all cheese is pasteurized in Spain.
  • Most places accept credit cards, though not all accept AMEX.
  • Make reservations ahead of time if it’s a restaurant you absolutely want to eat at. If you don’t have a reservation, there are still plenty of places to eat or you can try eating at the bar.
  • Spain was found to be the food poisoning capital of the world according to one survey, so be careful of what you eat. As delicious as some things may look, it may be better to ask for that Spanish omelet to be fully cooked, avoid raw protein etc.
  • Eater 38 Essential Restaurants in Madrid is a great list to look up all the latest recommendations for the best restaurants in Madrid.

Taberna Laredo

best restaurants in Madrid Taberna Laredo

Taberna Laredo is a great place to enjoy dinner in Madrid. We found Taberna Loredo through friend recommendations and enjoyed our meal here. Their earliest seating is at 8PM, but if you want some food earlier you can eat a more limited menu at their bar before 8PM. Taberna Laredo has classic Spanish dishes and offers the classic Spanish dinner experience. Expect dinner to take 2 hours. Since we were going to a concert the same night and didn’t want to miss enjoying a meal at Taberna Laredo we ordered light and had only a few dishes within an hour. We didn’t get the full experience as a result, but enjoyed what we did order at Taberna Laredo.

What to order: Iberica jamon, risotto with mushrooms, Spanish omelet with artichokes

Mercado de San Miguel

best restaurants in Madrid Mercado de San MIguel

Mercado de San Miguel is the famous food market in Madrid. It is located near Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace of Madrid. It’s a great stop for lunch when you’re exploring that area of town. We found that Mercado de San Miguel was significantly smaller than Mercat de la Boqueria. Though it was smaller, it did have a lot of counter sit down options. We chose to get some fruit, from the incredible fruit display that was by the entrance.

What to order: Iberico jamon, fruit

Chocolateria San Gines for Hot Chocolate and Churros

Best restaurants in Madrid Chocolateria San Gines

Chocolatería San Ginés is an iconic place to get churros and rich hot chocolate. It was established in 1894 and is a historic spot for both locals and tourists to visit. Chocolatería San Ginés is open every day and some days even a full 24 hours a day so no need to worry about what time they’ll be closed for a siesta. We ordered 2 hot chocolates and only one with churros which we found was more than enough to split between two people. An order of churros has 6 churros.

What to order: hot chocolate with churros

Alex Cordobes for Cheesecake

Alex Cordobés’ cheesecake in Madrid is one of the most famous cheesecakes in Madrid. We added this to our list because it was included in Eater’s 38 Essential Madrid restaurants. We heard it is a must try when you’re visiting in Madrid but we unfortunately forgot to confirm what days of the week it is open. When we were there, Alex Cordobés opens most days at 10AM and is closed Tuesdays. Tuesdays was our only available day to try the cheesecake, and our flight left too early to try to sneak in before we left on Wed.

What to order: cheesecake

Garden of Salvadore Bachiller (Rooftop Terrace)

Garden of Salvadore Bachiller rooftop terrace restaurant

Salvador Bachiller is a leather store in Madrid. In their location in the heart of Madrid you can find a rooftop terrace restaurant at the top of their store, as well as a second floor balcony to eat at. We can’t confirm the food or drinks, as is was completely full when we stopped by, but it’s a very cute place to grab a cocktail or dessert as you’re wandering around Madrid.

La Duquesita

La Duquesita Madrid

La Duquesita is another place we found on Eater 38 Essential Madrid restaurants. It was established in 1914 and is known for its pastries and chocolates. While everything looked great, Eater 38 recommended the chocolate palmera so that’s what we got and it was pretty good.

Toto Ice Cream and Coffee

Toto ice cream and coffee Madrid

If you’re looking for a sweet, light snack while you’re exploring Madrid, Toto Ice Cream and Coffee is a great place to stop by. They have several locations around the city.

Best Restaurants in Madrid Spain Conclusion

In conclusion, the best restaurants in Madrid, Spain that we found were the iconic, pastry shops that have been around for 100 years. It was fun to continue our hot chocolate tasting tour in Madrid at Chocolatería San Ginés, after also sampling the local hot chocolate in Barcelona and Paris. After being on vacation for over a week at this point, it was also really nice to enjoy some delicious, fresh fruit at Mercado de San Miguel. We enjoyed our dinners in Madrid as well, but were absolutely blown away by the dinners we had in Barcelona and Mallorca.

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