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Best Restaurants in Mallorca

Patiki Beach Best Restaurants Mallorca

Mallorca has an incredible culinary scene. Though an island, Mallorca isn’t a destination where you go and expect “island food.” There are more than 20 restaurants featured in the Michelin Guide in Mallorca. Don’t like seafood? Don’t fret. There are so many options, including many options that aren’t traditional Mallorca or Spanish. There is a restaurant for every palate. Here are our recommendations for the best restaurants in Mallorca.

Mallorca Quick Links

Tips for Dining at the Best Restaurants in Mallorca

  • Sample traditional dishes like paella, sobrasada ( a spicy sausage) and ensaimada (a sweet pastry)
  • Make reservations for popular restaurants ahead of time, especially during the busy summer season
  • Know that some restaurants, especially those on the water, close during the off-season
  • Some restaurants are also not open every week day. For example, we found that restaurants in Soller were more likely to be closed on Tuesdays, and in Palma restaurants were more likely to be closed on Mondays

Best Restaurants in Palma de Mallorca

Vandal $$$

best restaurants Mallorca, Vandal Palma de Mallorca, coconut cream ceviche cone

Vandal is one of the best meals we’ve ever eaten, and wins our vote for best restaurant in Mallorca. We would travel to Mallorca again just to have this meal. The entire menu looked incredible, and we wish we had two dinners planned here so we could have tried it all. They are famous for their ceviche cone with coconut foam but don’t sleep on the other dishes. The dish I didn’t think to get but so glad we did was the chicken stroganoff. The spicy tuna and spicy crab crispy rice were some of the best, if not the best we’ve ever had of that dish. Every item we got was mouthwatering good. If you’re traveling to Mallorca, this should be the top restaurant you make sure to go to. Vandal does have a cancellation policy, you can change or cancel up to 12 hours before otherwise there is a charge.

La Vieja – $$$

La Vieja, best restaurants in Mallorca

La Vieja is also a great restaurant in Mallorca and we had an incredible meal. The food was delicious, and also had very fun presentations. For example, one of the desserts was shaped like a Canary island, and blue “water” (vanilla flavored milk) was poured around it at the table. The dips were also incredibly good and made fresh tableside. They did not appear to have a cancellation policy if you need to change your reservation.

Stagier Bar – $$$

Stagier Bar came highly recommended to us by multiple people as one of the best restaurants in Mallorca, and we’re sad we didn’t have the chance to try it ourselves. Unfortunately our trip was right in the middle of a 2 week closure Stagier Bar had for their vacation. Make sure when traveling to Mallorca that the restaurants you want to try are actually open during your trip!

Mistral Coffee – $

Mistral Coffee House, best coffee in Palma

Mistral Coffee is a great local spot to get coffee. It is also very close to Forn des Teatre which is a great spot to get ensaimadas, as well as many other pastries.

Forn des Teatre

Forn de Teatre Palma de Mallorca, Ensaimada Mallorca

Forn des Teatre has great pastries and is closely located to Mistral Coffee. It makes a great breakfast stop if you are heading over to take the Train to Soller and want to grab a bite to eat and a coffee along the way.

Bar Abaco – $$

Bar Abaco, best cocktail bar Palma de Mallorca

Bar Abaco is a beautiful outdoor bar, and is a great place to grab a drink or two before or after dinner. There are no reservations and spots are limited, so your best bet at getting an outdoor table without a wait is to come 5-10 minutes before they open. Their espresso martinis are great.

Ca’n Joan de S’Aigo- $

Ca’n Joan de S’Aigo, best ensaimadas Palma de Mallorca

Ca’n Joan de S’Aigo had my favorite ensaimadas in Palma de Mallorca. It was too hot for us to enjoy a hot chocolate, but we’ve heard they also have great hot chocolate.

Best Restaurants Near Palma de Mallorca

Restaurante Illeta – $$$

Best Paella Mallorca, Restaurante Illeta Mallorca, Best Restaurants Mallorca

Restaurante Illeta is a beautiful place to enjoy lunch or dinner on the water. While it’s not exactly a beach restaurant in Mallorca, you’re literally on your own island, with 360 views of the water. We got the paella which came highly recommended and the burrata / pesto salad. This is great paella to enjoy near Palma, and had wonderful views. The fruit carpaccio also looked cool, though we were too full by the time we got around to dessert! It is worth going to at least one of the restaurants right on the water while you’re vacationing in Mallorca and if you’re staying in Palma this is one of the easiest to get to. There is also a nearby taxi stand so it’s very easy to get to and from Restaurante Illeta with a taxi.

Jacaranda  $$$

Jacaranda is the restaurant at Finca Serena. It came highly recommended by a friend and described as an incredible experience to eat in the country side and the surroundings look like you could be in Tuscany. It is on our list for our next trip for sure.

Best Restaurants in Port de Soller

Patiki Beach – $$$

Patiki beach, best restaurants in Mallorca, best restaurants in Port de Soller

We discovered Patiki Beach from Eater’s 17 Essential Mallorca restaurants, and it didn’t disappoint. It was our second favorite meal of our trip, and definitely one of the best restaurants in Mallorca. It is arguably the best beach restaurant in Mallorca. Patiki Beach is in the Port de Soller, and is a restaurant right on the beach. It is all the way at the end of the beach, but an enjoyable walk to get there. Make sure you make a reservation as it is very hard to get in without one. Patiki Beach is a farm to table restaurant and all of the food is so fresh. Make sure to get the burrata, the peach “gazpacho,” tomato salad and the garlic bread. Patiki Beach is only open seasonaly so if you’re going in the off-season. Patiki beach does have a cancellation policy and you must change or cancel your reservation with more than 2 hours notice.

Kingfisher – $$$

Kingfisher was another restaurant in Port de Soller that came highly recommended to us and unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to go!

Best Restaurants in Soller

El Petite Cafe – $

El Petite Cafe Soller, Breakfast in Soller, Tram in Soller

El Petite Café was recommended to us as a great place to enjoy an orange juice or coffee while watching the tram go by.

Angel Agudo Soller – $

Angel Agudo Soller, Popsicles and Fresh Juices in Soller

Angel Agudo Soller makes fresh juices and popsicles with fresh juice. Highly recommend to stop by and get a popsicle as you’re strolling around and shopping in Soller.

Ca’n Pintxo – $

Ca’n Pintxo was a highly rated dinner spot. We were incredibly excited to try this place only to find that they were closed on Tuesdays! It is on our list for next time for sure. Our friends recommended getting the bread, pasta naga, saamlee, s’alberginia, bluefish, pescadito vacilon and soller pie. Best to go with a few people so you can try it all!

Forn de Barri – $

Forn de Barri is a great place to stop for a coffee and ensaimada while you’re strolling around Soller.

Best Restaurants in Deia

Ca’s Patro March – $

While the reviews don’t rate Ca’S Patro March super high, the fresh grilled seafood is great. It is also right on the water right at the beach. It is worth going to at least one of the restaurants right on the water while you’re vacationing in Mallorca and if you’re staying in Palma this is one of the easiest to get to.

El Olivo – $$$$

El Olivo at La Residencia is known to be one of the best restaurants in Mallorca. Unfortunately, it is very hard to get a reservation there and is difficult even if you are staying at the hotel.

Best Restaurants in Mallorca Conclusion

In conclusion, the best restaurants in Mallorca offer an incredible amount of great food. You can enjoy traditional dishes like paella and ensaimadas to farm to table salads and soups. Mallorca boasts some of the best food we’ve ever eaten and is worth taking a trip to for the food alone. No matter where you choose to dine, you’ll find many unforgettable meals in Mallorca.

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