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Best Restaurants in Santorini

best restaurants in santorini

Santorini is not only known for it’s breathtaking views and romantic atmosphere but also known to have great restaurants. In Santorini, you can find a diverse array of dining experiences but most will all offer meals made with incredibly fresh ingredients. Santorini offers incredibly romantic sunset dinners, casual lunches in seaside tavernas in Ammoudi Bay and casual authentic Greek food. Below are the best restaurants in Santorini that we ate at during our recent trip to Greece.

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Tips for Dining at the Best Restaurants in Santorini

  • Book the majority of your meals in the same village you are staying in. The villages are not very close to each other, and can cost $50+ for a cab. There are plenty of great restaurants in Oia and Fira, so don’t feel like it’s necessary to get a 30 minute, expensive taxi for a dinner.
  • During the peak season in July and August make sure to book ahead. In other months, you can usually book a few days ahead and get most of the restaurants on the days and times you prefer, though sometimes the best tables (with the best view of the water) are reserved earlier.
  • Look up the time the sunsets for the dates you’ll be in Santorini if you’re trying to get a picture perfect sunset dinner.
  • Not all restaurants are open year round, many close during the off season starting in mid to late October (and begin reopening in late May) so if you’re thinking about going to Santorini during a slower month check what restaurants will be open before you book your trip.
  • Make sure to order local Greek food like octopus, feta wrapped in phyllo with honey drizzle, kebabs, souvlaki, and some of the best Greek salads you will ever eat.

Ammoudi Fish Tavern for Lunch or a Sunset Dinner (Ammoudi Bay near Oia)

Best restaurants in Santorini Ammoudi Fish Tavern

Ammoudi Fish Tavern is located in Ammoudi Bay, which is a bunch of stairs down from the main block in Oia at the waters edge. The restaurants in Ammoudi Bay, including Ammoudi Fish Tavern, are often considered the best restaurants in Santorini. Lunch at Ammoudi Fish Tavern promises an authentic taste of Santorini’s best dishes like octopus, feta wrapped in phyllo and Greek salad. At dinner time, you can also enjoy a gorgeous sunset view. Ammoudi Fish Tavern is located next to several other seaside restaurants and all offer similar experiences and menus. When you go to any of the restaurants in Ammoudi Bay, we recommend to take a taxi there as there are a lot of stairs down from Oia and it’s a bit steep. When the taxi drives you to Ammoudi Bay, it will actually drive backwards down the final drive. We visited at lunch, and did walk the stairs up after lunch without a problem. It took about 15-20 minutes of walking up the stairs to get back into the main square of Oia. We only had a light bite to eat at Ammoudi Fish Tavern, but the whole menu looked incredible!

What to order: feta wrapped in phyllo, octopus, calamari

Elements at Canaves Epitome for a Sunset Dinner (Oia)

best restaurants in Santorini Greece, Elements

The restaurant Elements at Canaves Epitome was mentioned by numerous people on the island (hotel, taxi drivers) as the best restaurant in Santorini. Though Santorini doesn’t have any Michelin star restaurants yet, Elements reminded us of a Michelin dining experience. The food here was incredible and Elements also had gorgeous views of the sunset. If you always want to enjoy Michelin dining experiences when traveling, this is for you. If you are fortunate enough to live near great Michelin restaurants, then you may want to skip Elements because you can get a similar experience at home. The food in Greece is truly incredible, and there are a lot of opportunities in Santorini to have incredible, fresh, authentic Greek food at a much lower price point. Elements offers both set and a la cart menus. We chose to do a la carte. Pro tip: if you are staying at any of the Canaves hotels, they will offer you a free shuttle too and from the Canaves Epitome.

What to order: beef with mushrooms and truffle, orange dessert

Sunset Oia Catamaran Cruise

best restaurants in Santorini sunset cruise

A dinner on a Sunset Oia Catamaran Cruise offers an unforgettable experience as you watch the stunning Santorini sunset from the water. The cruises offer an authentic Greek dining experience, including Greek salad, shrimp saganaki, fresh fish, grilled chicken and yogurt for dessert. There is no better place to experience the stunning sunsets of Santorini than from a sunset dinner cruise.

Lucky’s Souvlaki for Lunch (Fira)

best restaurants in Santorini Lucky's Slovaki

Lucky’s Souvlaki is a restaurant that has gone viral on social media and for good reason. It is known for delicious, authentic Greek cuisine at a very affordable price point. Lucky’s Souvlaki is located in the heart of Fira and a great place for lunch if you’re staying in Fira or if you’re at the end of the Oia to Fira hike. Their signature dish, the classic gyro or souvlaki, is a must order. It’s filled with tender, grilled meat wrapped in a warm pita bread with fresh veggies and creamy tzatziki sauce. The fries are also excellent.

What to order: Gyro or souvlaki

Meteor Café  for Drinks (Oia)

Meteor Café is located in the heart of Oia in Santorini. It’s a cozy, conveniently located spot to grab a coffee, snack or cocktail as you are wandering around Oia. Meteor Café has a relaxing atmosphere and a great drink menu whether you’re looking for caffeine, juice, a cocktail or wine. It’s a great setting to soak in the beauty that surrounds you.

Roka for a Sunset Dinner (Oia)

Best restaurants in Santorini Roka

Roka is a charming restaurant in the heart of Oia, Santorini and focuses on traditional Greek cuisine and fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Roka came recommended as one of the best restaurants in Santorini so we checked it out. We found the food to be good and at an affordable price point as well. Though we had to leave for the airport before sunset, it was clear that Roka would be a great place to watch the sunset in Oia – though, make sure you reserve a table in the open area out back to see the sunset.

What to order: phyllo wrapped feta, politico kebab from lamb and beef minced meat appetizer

What not to order: we found that the grilled fish main course was a bit dry.

Best Restaurants in Santorini Conclusion

In conclusion, the best restaurants in Santorini either had a stunning sunset view, and/ or offered a menu filled with incredibly fresh authentic Greek food. Whether you are looking for a gorgeous sunset view, or just looking for affordable fresh Greek food, you can find it at best restaurants in Santorini. Since there are so many great restaurants in Santorini, there isn’t a need to constantly hire taxis to drive 30 minutes each way. Instead, find some of the best restaurants located near your hotel in Santorini, especially if you are in one of the main villages and you will not be disappointed.

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