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Best Shopping in Athens Greece

best shopping in athens greece

When visiting Athens, you’ll find a variety of unique and locally made products that make for wonderful gifts for yourself and others. Though normally we try to buy items later in our trips so we don’t have to lug everything around for the rest of our vacation, the best shopping we found in Greece was in Athens. Many of the items were also cheaper in Athens than on the islands. Athens was one of the few places that did have local stores offering VAT refunds. Some stores that didn’t offer VAT refunds did offer a small discount if you paid in cash. Here is a list of the best shopping in Athens, Greece and what to buy.

Athens Quick Links

Perfumes at Naxos Apothecary

We always love getting a perfume and cologne when we travel to have a scent to remind us of the place. In Athens, we found Naxos Apothecary (Full Review). In addition to the perfumes, Naxos Apothecary has lotions, soaps and more. It is closed on Sundays so plan ahead. Pro tip: if you sign up for their loyalty program you can get 30% off and for us they also threw in a few free gifts with our purchase.

Linen Clothing at Harris Cotton

linen clothing shopping Athens Greece, Harris Cotton

Greece is known for having the best linen, and we found the best shopping for linen clothing in Athens. Though we found a great selection of linen clothing in Santorini too, we found better prices for linen clothing in Athens. Most of our shopping for linen clothing was done at Harris Cotton and Dmitri’s. There are a few Harris Cotton stores near each other in Plaka, with similar but slightly different inventories. If you see something you like, but they don’t have your size you can ask them for your size and they can bring it from their factory later in the day. Harris Cotton did offer VAT refunds.

Linen Household Items at Anemos

Greece is also known for it’s linen textiles. Thought we didn’t have a chance to shop here, Anemos is supposed to be a great store to buy linen household items.

Hats at Giorgio Hatter

best shopping in Athens, Giorgio Hatter hats

Athens, Greece is a great place to buy hats. Giorgio Hatter (Full Review) has an incredible selection and will also fix the size for you there if it’s a bit too large. Gorgio Hatter is closed on Sundays, and is open most days from 9AM to 4PM.

Handmade Leather Sandals at Olgianna Melissinos Sandals or Melissinos Art – the Poet Sandalmaker

In Athens, you can find great custom sandals. There is a famous sandal maker – Starvros Melissinos- who created sandals for many famous clients including the Beatles. Though his shop is no longer open, his son and daughter both have sandal making shops located in Athens. Sandals range from 130 to 170 euros per pair. Olgianna Melissinos Sandals is run by his daughter, and carries a more modern selection. Melissinos Art- The Poet Sandalmaker, is run by the son and has a more traditional selection of sandals. It is open from 10-6pm and is located near the Acropolis.

Vintage Clothing at Remember Fashion

best shopping in Athens, vintage clothing at remember fashion

One store that came recommended to walk around was Remember Fashion (Full Review). Here, you can find a selection of vintage clothing but more importantly you can go through photo albums from when famous rock bands visited Vintage Clothing to source their own outfits.

Olive Wood Kitchen Items

best shopping in athens greece

There are several stores in Athens that have a great selection of olive wood kitchen items. This includes olive wood kitchen utensils, olive wood cutting boards and olive wood bowls. Personally, we bought more olive wood kitchen items in Paros.

Greek Food

In Athens, you can find a wide range of Greek food to take home as souvenirs. This includes spices and Greek herbs, especially a mix of spices to make Greek salads. Many souvenir shops have vacuum-packed olives to make for easy transport. Olive oil is also a great souvenir, and some come in cans which make it easier to pack in checked luggage. Greek sweets are also popular to bring back as souvenirs. This includes boxes of halva, baklava and loukoumi.

What to Buy in Athens Conclusion

In conclusion, there is a lot of great shopping in Athens, Greece. The best things to buy in Athens include linen clothing, olive wood kitchen items, Greek food, perfumes, linen household items, hats, and handmade leather sandals.

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