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Day Trip to Antiparos from Paros

Day trip to Antiparos

Antiparos is a small island that’s about a 10 minute ferry ride from Paros. You can catch the people ferry in Parikia, which has about 5 crossings per day and is about 30 minutes long. Or, you can catch the ferry to Antiparos from Paros at the Pounda Paros port where there are car ferries every 15 minutes or so and you can bring your ATV with you for a nominal fee. This ferry is about 7 minutes long, and you buy your ticket on the ferry. Make sure to bring cash though, as they do not accept credit cards. It was less than 20 Euros round trip for 2 people and an ATV. If you have some time during your vacation to Paros, it is very easy to spend a half day or day in Antiparos. Here are recommendations for things to do, see and eat when you only have a day in Antiparos.

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Explore Antiparos Town

Cafe in Antiparos Town

When you first get off the ferry, you are very close to Antiparos town. There are cute shops to explore, several of which also have locations in Parikia. There are cute cafes to grab a coffee or breakfast including Bougainvilles, which is where we had breakfast and relaxed taking in all of the beauty.

Hike Down Antiparos Cave

Antiparos Cave, day trip to Antiparos

If you bring an ATV with you to Antiparos, the Antiparos Cave is a quick 15 minute drive – up a little bit of a hill – and is a unique experience to hike down and marvel at the view from right outside the cave. Since the cave is on a hill, you get to see a gorgeous view up above on Antiparos and then you get to explore a cool cave. The hike down the cave is approximately 400 steps so it’s not too difficult although with the humidity we were sweating by the end. If you didn’t bring a ATV, you can rent one on the island or there are buses that go from the town to the cave.

Relax at Soros Beach Club

Soros Beach Club Antiparos, Antiparos beach

Soros beach has lounge chairs you can rent, plus a restaurant, and is a great destination to spend a few hours relaxing at the beach. It is about a 10 minute drive from Antiparos Cave. When we went in 2023, it cost approx. 70 euros to rent two beach chairs for the day.

Sunset Dinner at Captain Pipinos

At the end of the day, enjoy the sunset views at St. Giorgios Beach followed by dinner at Captain Pipinos which is a traditional Greek taverna. Unfortunately we headed back earlier, but this was described to us as was described as a tiny restaurant that had the “best fish I ever ate” and that they catch the fish right next to you and cook it.

Eat a Farm to Table Lunch or Dinner at Rooster

Rooster is a luxury wellness resort on the island. It has a farm to table restaurant that had great reviews.

Day Trip to Antiparos Conclusion

If you have some time during your vacation to Paros, it is very easy to spend a half day or day in Antiparos. Some popular things to do in Antiparos include shopping and eating in Antiparos town, heading up to Antiparos Cave, relaxing at Soros Beach Club, eating at Captain Pipinos and eating at Rooster. The ferry is very easy to take from Paros, is a very quick ferry ride and is also very cheap.

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