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Mykonos Travel Guide- Everything You Need to Know

Mykonos Travel Guide

Mykonos is an incredible island to visit in Greece. When people visit the Greek Islands, Mykonos, along with Santorini are the top two islands often mentioned by visitors. It’s a Mediterranean gem that is full of great beaches, beach clubs, a charming town, water sports and Greek cuisine. Originally a quaint fishing village, Mykonos has evolved to a world-renowned destination. It has iconic white-washed buildings, winding labryrinthine streets in Mykonos Town and crystal clear waters. In this comprehensive Mykonos Travel Guide, we’ll share insider tips and help you plan an unforgettable vacation to Mykonos.

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Mykonos Travel Guide Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you travel to Mykonos?

There are many reasons why you should travel to Mykonos. If you are planning a trip to the Greek islands, Mykonos is a great destination to add to your trip. Mykonos has stunning beaches, amazing beach clubs, a vibrant nightlife, charming architecture, great shopping, sunsets and great food. It is an island that can be full of relaxation with a quiet beach day or boat ride, with strolls around Mykonos Town, or full of partying, depending on your preference.

How to Get to Mykonos

The easiest way to get to Mykonos depends on where you’re starting from. One option is to fly to Mykonos. Mykonos Airport (JMK) is the main airport and is an international airport. Prearranged transport to your hotel is highly recommended as there are not many taxis on the island.

If you’re already in Greece, or prefer a more scenic route, you can take the ferry from Athens or another island to Mykonos. There are multiple daily ferry services, and the journey from Athens takes about 2.5 hours to 5 hours depending on the type of ferry you select.

What cities have direct flights to Mykonos?

Mykonos Airport (JMK) is an international airport, but many of the direct flights are from other cities in Greece. Both Athens and Thessaloniki have direct flights to Mykonos, especially during the summer. You can also fly direct to Mykonos from Istanbul, Rome, Milan, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Zurich and Munich depending on the season.

What islands have ferries to Mykonos?

Mykonos, being one of the most popular Greek islands, is well connected by ferry to the other islands. Some islands that have ferries to Mykonos include Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Tinos, Ios, Syros, Amogos and Crete. Ferry times and schedules change, but you’ll find the most comprehensive ferry schedule during the summer.

What do I need to know before going to Mykonos?

  • Mykonos Town (Chora) is a very pedestrian friendly area, and no cars are allowed. It is very easy to walk around the town, though flats / sneakers are advised due to the stone sidewalks. Outside of Mykonos Town, there aren’t many sidewalks. Even if your hotel is a 10 minute walk from Mykonos Town, you will likely need to get an ATV/ taxi.
  • Plan your transportation ahead of time. There are almost no taxis on the island. Book travel to and from the port with your hotel. To get around the island, it’s easiest to rent an ATV or buggy as some “roads” are dirt and are narrow to navigate with a car. There are also buses available to get you around the island, and many stop in Mykonos Town (Chora).
  • There is a massive parking lot right next to Mykonos Town that is easy to park in, and it is easy to park an ATV alongside the street. Many establishments / beaches / beach clubs also have parking lots you can pay to park in.
  • AMEX is not accepted many places. Bring another credit card if you plan on paying by credit card. Most places do accept Visa / Mastercard though some smaller, casual food stops only accept cash.
  • If not a partier, can go early and have really nice meals before the party scene begins.
  • Nammos doesn’t take reservations, but going in June we arrived by 11, and could have arrived by noon and not had issues getting lounge chairs.
  • Ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended departure date to ensure smooth travel
  • Europe is starting new visa requirements for US travelers, but this is now delayed until 2024 or 2025. When it starts, US travelers between 18-70 years old will need to fill out an ETIAS visa-waiver form prior to their trip, and pay a €7 entry fee, to travel to European countries within the Schengen Area. This will be valid for three years or until your passport expires. It’s expected to have a quick turnaround but it’s important to plan and submit ahead of your trip.
  • The official language is Greek, but English is spoken in many of the touristy areas. Many restaurants also have English menus.
  • Mykonos has been called out on TikTok for having restaurants that say one price and then the visitor gets a bill for another price. While we did not have this experience, make sure to ask for a menu with prices so there are no surprises.
  • Mykonos has a typical Mediterranean climate and the climate feels hotter than the temperature suggests. Once the sun goes down, it does feel chilly than the temperature suggests so be sure to bring a jacket.
  • The currency is the Euro.
  • For electricity, Greece uses the standard European two-pin plug (Type C and F). My favorite power adapter is this one, as it has every configuration you need in a compact plug.
  • Tipping is appreciated, but not expected. Some restaurants add service charges look for “Υπηρεσία” on the bill. At restaurants, if there is no service charge it’s customary to round up, leave small change or add 5-10%.
  • Mykonos offers a wide range of experiences across the island. Some of the beach clubs do not have reservations; however, it is important to get there early especially during peak season in the summer. Reservations to restaurants are also recommended, especially to get the prime tables with sunset views.
  • The day you go to the beach club matters, for example Scorpios is more popular on Sundays especially if Valeron is playing.
  • It is easy to do a few days in Mykonos and island hop to other islands like Paros and Santorini.
  • The two main areas people stay are in Mykonos Town and near the beaches on the south of the island. Mykonos island isn’t too big, so if you stay in Mykonos Town it will take you about 15 minutes to get to the beaches on the south side for example. But, there are some hotels in remote areas that are gorgeous, but could take you more like 25-30 minutes to get to your activities or restaurants.

How many days should I spend in Mykonos?

How many days you should spend in Mykonos ultimately depends on your interests, the activities you want to do and how busy you want your vacation to be. Because it’s so easy to travel to other islands in Greece, with each of those islands offering something unique, if it’s your first time to Greece it’s best to only spend a few days in Mykonos so you can explore other islands too.

Long Weekend in Mykonos

A long weekend with 2-4 days in Mykonos will be enough time to explore Mykonos Town for a day, have a boat or beach day and experience the great restaurants and nightlife. Remember, you don’t have as much flexibility in your travel days as there may only be two or three ferries available to take you to your next island. Many of the ferries are around the middle of the day in Mykonos.

Standard Visit of 3-5 Days in Mykonos

A typical stay in Mykonos is usually 3-5 days. This gives you plenty of time to relax, enjoy the nightlife and explore multiple beaches during your stay as well as do a boat day to explore nearby places like Delos. If your primary goal is to enjoy the legendary nightlife in Mykonos, 3-4 days is the perfect amount of time to stay in Mykonos.

Weeklong Trip to Mykonos

A weeklong trip to Mykonos will allow you a very relaxed stay. You can explore the island at a leisurely pace, venture to more remote areas of the island, take day trips to nearby islands like Delos or Tinos and get the full experience of Mykonos.

Best time of year to visit Mykonos

In my opinion, the best time to visit Mykonos is either in June or September. While Mykonos is stunning in July and August, it is very crowded. And, with the crowds come much higher hotel rates, on top of what is already expensive in Mykonos. In June and September, the weather is great, all of the restaurants and activities are open but it’s less crowded. Hotels are also a bit cheaper and it’s easier to get restaurant reservations.

June, July and August is the high tourist season. You can enjoy Mykonos’ famous beaches, vibrant nightlife and numerous events and parties. Accommodation prices are at their peak in July and August.

While Mykonos can be a peaceful destination November through March many businesses especially the seasonal restaurants and beach clubs are closed during the winter. The weather is cooler and some days are rainy.

If you prefer a quieter time without crowds or cheaper time, then early spring or later Autumn may be the best time for you. See what Mykonos is like every month of the year.

What is Mykonos famous for?

Mykonos is most famous for it’s vibrant nightlife, beach parties and charming architecture especially around Mykonos Town. The two most famous areas are Mykonos Town and the Southern beach area. The most iconic beaches are Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach and Psarou Beach.

In Mykonos Town, you can find charming architecture with the white-washed building, narrow cobblestone streets and blue accents. Mykonos Town is a great area to take pictures in. Here, you can also find the iconic windmills of Mykonos which are a famous tourist attraction. Little Venice is a neighborhood within Mykonos Town and is famous for it’s picturesque seafront buildings. It’s a popular spot to watch the sunset and enjoy seafront drinks and dining.

Where is the best nightlife in Mykonos?

Mykonos is renowned for its vibrant nightlife. Some of the most famous nightclubs in Mykonos include Cavo Paradisco, Scorpios and Paradise Club.

What are the best things to do in Mykonos?

The best things to do in Mykonos include exploring Mykonos Town (Chora) and while there enjoying drinks and dinner in Little Venice, shopping and seeing the iconic Mykonos Windmills. Relaxing on the beach or going to a beach club like Nammos or Scorpios is also a very popular thing to do in Mykonos. Mykonos is also known to have the best nightlife of the Greek Islands. There are also many popular water sports in Mykonos including having a boat day, snorkeling, windsurfing and jetskiing.

Is Mykonos Safe?        

Mykonos  is generally considered a safe destination for travelers. Violent crime is rare, but petty theft such as pickpocketing can occur in crowded areas. Like many tourist destinations, it’s important to take precautious for theft and watch out for pick pocketers. If you are driving a car, or driving an ATV it’s especially important to be aware of the roads, as they are narrow and sometimes have pedestrians walking alongside the cars.

What is the best area to stay in Mykonos?

The best area to stay in Mykonos depends on your preference and what type of experiences you’re seeking in Mykonos. There are a variety of neighborhoods and accommodations in Mykonos. When going to Mykonos for the first time, most travelers choose between staying in or near Mykonos Town (which is also closer to the ferry port) or near the beaches in the south like, such as the Psarou area. If you stay in Mykonos Town, it is very easy to leave your hotel and walk around the area. If you stay near, but not in Mykonos Town it is a quick taxi or ATV ride to Mykonos Town but you will likely need transportation as there aren’t sidewalks to walk on to get into the town.

Psarou is an upscale area known for it’s luxurious beach clubs and upscale hotels. It’s a favorite destination among celebrities and anyone seeking a glamorous experience. Psarou Beach is where you can find the iconic Nammos Beach Club.

What are the best beach clubs in Mykonos?

Mykonos is famous for its beach clubs, and has the best beach clubs of all the islands in Greece. The best beach clubs in Mykonos often host international DJs too.

Scorpios Mykonos, located on Paraga Beach is one of the most famous beach clubs in Mykonos. It is known for its bohemian-chic atmosphere, stunning views. It is also a great place to have dinner.

Nammos Mykonos, located on Psarou Beach, is also one of the most famous beach clubs in Mykonos. Its located right next to the luxurious Nammos Village, which is a luxury shopping destination in Mykonos. The beach club is more relaxed during the day, while still offering excellent service. Once it gets later, around 4pm or 5pm it starts to turn more into a party scene.

Principote, located at Panormos Beach, was also frequently mentioned as a beach club to visit in Mykonos; however, we found in 2023 that it was permanently closed. Some people were still able to make reservations, although it was permanently closed. Perhaps it will open again one day but if you’re interested in Principote be sure to check that it is in fact open.

What are the best beaches in Mykonos that are free?

If you want to visit the beach in Mykonos but don’t want to pay for a beach club there are a few options. One of the beach free beaches in Mykonos is Megali Ammos Beach. Megali Ammos Beach is located just a short walk from Mykonos Town and offers crystal clear waters and soft, golden sand. If you do want to spend some money, you can rent lounge chairs and beach umbrellas as well as water sports activities. There is also space at Kalo Livadi, Sper Paradise, Elia, Agios Ioannis and Paraga (but only at the very far end by Scopios) although these beaches do have businesses that pay to rent out lounge chairs and umbrellas for much of the beach. But, you can bring your own towel and enjoy these beaches.

Driving in Mykonos

Driving in Mykonos, especially renting an ATV or buggy, can be a convenient way to get around Mykonos as there are not many taxis on the island. You will need a valid drivers license from your home country in order to rent a car or ATV in Mykonos. Most rental agencies require drivers to be at least 21 or 23 years old. In Mykonos, driving is on the right side like in the US and many other European countries. Most of the roads are narrow, and the main ones are well maintained but there are some smaller roads that turn into dirt roads. There are lots of designated parking areas around the island, though some are paid only lots. Street parking is easier for ATVs.

How to save money traveling in Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most expensive islands in Greece, but there are a few ways to save money when you travel to Mykonos. While typically, the most expensive expense will be the hotel, in Mykonos you can easily rack up high bills at restaurants, beach clubs and enjoying the nightlife, especially with bottle service. Make sure you look up prices before you go to a beach club, club or restaurant so you know approximately how much you’ll be paying. If it’s out of your budget, go somewhere else. Traveling during the shoulder season like April, May, September and October will help you save money on the hotel and also flight prices. Staying close to Mykonos Town but not right in Mykonos Town will also help you save some money though you will spend more on transportation around the island. Some hotels do offer free shuttle service to and from the ferry, which will help you save money in Mykonos. The food in Mykonos, like all of Greece, is incredible. And, you can enjoy some great, casual food and not spend much money. You will pay more to get the table with the nicest view at Kastros, so you can sometimes save money by going to a restaurant but not sitting at the tables with the nicest view.

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