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All Aboard: Your Ultimate Guide to the Soller Train Experience

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Taking the historic Soller train from Palma to Soller in Mallorca is a highly recommended experience. It’s a popular excursion for tourists for a reason. The train to Soller offers a piscturesque and memorable ride through Mallorca’s stunning countryside. The Soller train itself also is a piece of history, as you ride in the vintage wood carriages. It’s also very easy to get to in Palma. Since it’s a popular tourist activity, it’s a good idea to book your tickets in advance. Note that the train to Soller is closed in the off season, starting around mid November to early May.

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Soller Train Facts:

  • Built in 1912
  • Distance: 16.7 miles
  • One way journey time: about an hour
  • 13 tunnels

How long is the train to Soller from Palma?

The train from Palma to Soller takes about an hour. If you’re riding during busy season and didn’t pre-buy a ticket, make sure to allow extra time to wait in line. If you pre-bought your ticket, make sure to get there a little early. Seats are first come, first serve.

How much does the Soller train cost?

A round trip ticket on the train to Soller costs approx $35 per person, depending on exchange rates. The only tickets available to purchase online are round trip tickets, that include tickets to the Tram.

Where can you buy Soller train tickets?

You can buy Soller train tickets on their website or you can buy them at the train station. If you’re going during busy season, it is best to buy the Soller train tickets ahead of time on their website so you don’t have to wait in a long line at the train station.

Where can you buy Soller tram tickets?

If you buy the Soller train tickets online, the tickets for the tram are included in your ticket. We found buying the tickets ahead of time on the website were best so we could avoid waiting in a long line at the train station.

Should you buy a round trip ticket online if you only plan to take the Soller train one way?

The only tickets available online as of Jan 2024 are round trip tickets. If you are taking the train during peak season, or when it’s busy, its best to buy tickets ahead of time if there is a certain train you want to take and/or you don’t like waiting in long lines. The train ticket window also only accepts cash, so if you want to pay by credit card, buy the tickets online.

Where do you pick up your train to Soller online tickets?

There is a separate window at the train station to pick up your online train to Soller tickets.

How do you get to the Soller train in Palma?

The train to Soller departs from Ferrocarril Railway Station at the Plaza de Espana in Palma. If you’re staying in Palma, it’s a leisurely walk from many hotels. If you’re not staying within walking distance, it’s easy to get dropped off by taxi or Uber nearby.

How do you get the Tram to Port de Soller once you arrive in Soller?

The tram that goes to Port de Soller is right outside the railway station and comes every twenty minutes or so. There is no entry, you’ll wait nearby the track and the enter the closest car. They will take your ticket when on the tram. When you get to Port de Soller, the tram will stop twice. Either stop is fine, if you are going to Patiki Beach the first stop is closer.

What to do and see when you arrive in Soller?

Soller is a gorgeous town in Mallorca. Once you arrive in Soller, you can start by exploring the Town Square. This is the heart of Soller, and it is surrounded by cafes, restaurants and the Church of Saint Partholomew. It’s a great place to people watch and also a great place to watch the tram go by. The food in Soller is great. We found that a few of the restaurants we wanted to go to weren’t open on Tuesdays including El Petite Café (great place for orange juice / lemonade with views of the Tram) and Ca’n Pintxo.

For shopping, stroll along the streets off the Town Square. Some of our favorite local buys were in Soller like espadrille shoes. Here you can also enjoy a fresh fruit juice popsicle from Angel Agudo Soller.

What to do and see in Port de Soller?

Port de Soller is great to enjoy some time at the beach or enjoy some of their wonderful restaurants. Patiki Beach, a farm to table restaurant, was listed as an Eater Essential Restaurant and it did not disappoint! Kingfisher comes with great reviews too. Along the port is a beach. While the beach is large, there are also a lot of people that come to Port de Soller for the beach. If you want a lounge chair, you need to get there early. But, if you decide later in the day you want to go to the beach and no chairs are available there are a lot of shops along the beach that sell beach towels and sunscreen.

Can you get a taxi or bus from Port de Soller?

Yes, if you want to go back to Palma or another part of the island from Port de Soller you can take a taxi or bus. You do not need to take the tram back to Soller and then get transportation from there. There is a taxi stand in Port de Soller and the bus station is a few blocks away from the taxi stand.

Should you take the train to Soller back to Palma?

The train is a great experience, but if you’ve already taken the train one way and are pressed for time it is about half the time to take a taxi back to Palma. With a taxi, you also have more flexibility around when you want to leave, and where you want to leave from (like Port de Soller, Deia).

Soller Train Conclusion

In conclusion, the Soller train from Palma to Soller is a fun way to spend the day in Mallorca. Taking the Soller train from Palma will provide a scenic relaxing view of the countryside. Once you arrive in Soller, you get to enjoy strolling around a beautiful city, enjoy great food and then take the tram to the Port de Soller to enjoy some time at the beach.

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