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What to Buy in Hakone

Snacks in Hakone

When visiting Hakone, you’re likely wondering what are the things to buy in Hakone. You’ll find a variety of unique and locally made products that you will not find anywhere else. While there is great shopping all over Japan, in Hakone we found some great, unique snacks that were only sold in Hakone. There is also a lot of great shopping in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto as well. Pack light and bring an extra suitcase because you’ll want to buy a lot when you’re exploring Hakone! Here is a list of what to buy in Hakone.

Hakone Quick Links

Black Egg

black egg in Hakone

The black egg is a popular item to buy in Hakone. It is literally that – a hardboiled egg with a shell that is black from the sulfur. You can find it at the shop at the top of Mt Owakudani, which you get to by cable car.

Snacks and Alcohol

Sake in Hakone

The shop at the top of Mt Owkudani also sells a ton of unique snacks and alcohol. Definitely bring a backpack as you’ll want to buy a lot! There is a lot of marketing that says “only sold here” and I didn’t see these snacks sold anywhere else.

As you leave Hakone, the things you bought in Hakone will mostly serve as snacks on your train trip to your next city. Our hotel did give us a gift during checkout that gives us a memento of our time in Hakone. Friends and family will also enjoy any snacks you give to them as you truly cannot buy these unique snacks anywhere else. They will truly appreciate you thinking of them while on your trip to Hakone.

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