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What to Buy in Mallorca

What to buy in Mallorca Ensaimada

When visiting Mallorca, you’ll find a diverse amount of local products and souvenirs from the island. Here is a list of what to buy in Mallorca.

Mallorca Quick Links


Ensaimadas are a delicious and iconic pastry in Mallorca. It’s a spiral-shaped sweet bread that is covered in powered sugar (traditional version) or can be stuffed with a custard or another flavor. Some places to buy ensaimadas include Ca’n Joan de S’Aigo and Forn de Barri.


In Palma, you can find Arquinesia perfumes located in a century old house


Mallorca is known for it’s glass. Gordiola in Palma is a good place to browse for glass like vases, ornaments and more.


Via Veri in Palma offers an entire area filled with lifestyle and art galleries.


Traditional Mallorcan espadrilles, known as avarcas locally, are comfortable shoes often made with leather. We found a great store that had a variety of espadrilles in Soller.

Beach Towels

Mallorca has many incredible beaches, but unless you go to a beach club there aren’t necessarily towels available at the beach. Before you go to the beach, it’s best to buy beach towels or bring towels from your hotel just in case.

Mallorcan Pearls

Mallorcan pearls are known for their quality and craftsmanship. They come in various styles and designs and are often made using traditional techniques.

Designer Goods

Like much of Europe, Mallorca is a great place to buy designer goods for cheaper prices than the US. In the airport, you are able to get reimbursed for the VAT tax. In Mallorca, you can find many designer stores like Louis Vuitton and Brunello Cucinelli on or near Borne Street.

What to Buy in Mallorca Conclusion

In conclusion, Mallorca offers a bunch of local products and souvenirs that will help you remember the island. From exquisite pearls and ensaimadas to perfumes and beach towels, the things to buy in Mallorca will help make your trip memorable and provide cherished memories to take home.

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