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What to Buy in Paros

what to buy in paros

When visiting Paros, Greece, you’ll find a variety of unique and locally made products that make for wonderful gifts for yourself and others. Many of the locally made products can be found elsewhere in Greece too, though there are a few stores specifically in Paros and Antiparos to check out. While shopping in Paros, we found that VAT refunds weren’t offered in many stores but some local stores were willing to provide discounts if you paid in cash. Here is a list of what to buy in Paros.

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Perfume and Cologne

We found the most incredible selection of perfume and cologne that they make right there in the store for you at Aromatopoleion Perfumery in Parikia. It’s filled with popular scents, and has many sizes available.

Olive Wood Kitchen Items

There are several stores in Paros and in Antiparos that have a great selection of olive wood kitchen items. This includes olive wood kitchen utensils, olive wood cutting boards and olive wood bowls.

Ceramic Coasters

The stores in Paros and in Antiparos that have the great selection of olive wood kitchen items also had some really pretty ceramic coasters. This is an easy, small memento to keep for yourself or give as a a gift.

Linen Clothing

Greece is known for linen clothing. While the largest selection we found in Greece was in Athens and Santorini, there are linen stores in Paros as well.

Linen Textiles

Greece is also known for it’s linen textiles. We also found the largest selection of linen textiles in Athens, but there were still a few stores in Paros.

Handmade Jewelry

You can find beautiful handmade jewelry in Paros. One tiny shop to find local jewelry is at Phaedra’s Handmade Jewellery in Parikia.


When browsing online for what to buy in Paros before we went, I saw a really cute picture of a purse at Letos. While unfortunately they confirmed that was a past season style when we went, they still had a cute selection.

Greek Food

In Paros, you can find a wide range of Greek food to take home as souvenirs. This includes spices and Greek herbs, especially a mix of spices to make Greek salads. Many souvenir shops have vacuum-packed olives to make for easy transport. Olive oil is also a great souvenir, and some come in cans which make it easier to pack in checked luggage. Greek sweets are also popular to bring back as souvenirs. This includes boxes of halva, baklava and loukoumi.

What to Buy in Paros Conclusion

As you leave Paros, the things you bought in Paros will serve as tangible mementos, each carrying the great memories you made during your trip to Paros. If you bought a perfume, you will always be reminded of Paros every time you use that scent. The linen and kitchen items you bought can be used over and over again. Friends and family will love all the gifts you bought them in Paros, as the kitchen items and linen are really great quality. The Greek food is unique as well. They will truly appreciate you thinking of them while on your trip to Paros.

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