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Best Restaurants in Paros Greece

Sigi Ikthios Naoussa Paros

The best restaurants in Paros, Greece offer incredible traditional Greek cuisine with great views of the sunset and the water. Though an island, we found the food in Paros to be very affordable, very tasty and very fresh. Here are the best restaurants in Paros, Greece that we either personally dined at or came highly recommended by friends.

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Tips for Dining the Best Restaurants in Paros

  • Order traditional Greek dishes like gyros, Greek salads, Moussaka and Souvlaki
  • Make reservations for popular restaurants like Sigi Ikthios ahead of time if you’re going in the summer, but many restaurants you can book with your hotel same day or day before
  • Know that some restaurants including popular restaurants like Sigi Ikthios close during the off-season

The Best Restaurants in Paros

Paros has a good, Greek culinary scene. It doesn’t have as many, or as famous, restaurants as some of the bigger islands like Santorini or Mykonos but, the sit down restaurants tend to also be cheaper than those two islands. Here is a list of best restaurants in Paros.

Best Restaurants in Naoussa

Sigi Ikthios – $$

Best Restaurants in Paros, Sigi Ikthios

We had a great classic Greek meal at Sigi Ikthios, and won our vote for best restaurant in Paros that we ate at. Sigi Ikthios is one of the restaurants you see all over Instagram for Paros as it has a beautiful outdoor seating area on the water. And, it’s also the featured photo up top on this best places to eat in Paros post. Our favorite dishes here were the cheese wrapped in phyllo and the orzo with shrimps. That night they had a special orzo with shrimps, pictured above, which we got and loved but we realized after we got it there was a similar (smaller) dish on their regular menu and we really didn’t need the larger size. Besides that, had a great meal. And, even with that larger entrée we still spent under 100 euros for 2 people. It gets much colder once the sun goes down, luckily the restaurant does have blankets if you get cold.

Barbarossa- $$$

There was a lot of hype about Barbarossa but we only had one night in Naoussa so we chose Sigi Ikthios for dinner based on recommendations from friends and reviews. The best reviews talked about the atmosphere of the restaurant and the live music and the show on the tables that begin at 10PM. Most of the lower reviews complained about the service and the cost of the food.

Foti’s All Day Bar – $$

Foti's All Day Bar, best restaurants in Paros

Foti’s is a great bar to go to before dinner. It’s right on the water and has a beautiful view. They also give you a complementary snack with your drinks.

Souvlakia Kargas – $

If you’re looking for a cheap lunch or dinner, check out Souvlaki Kargas for traditional souvlakia and gyros. It’s a great little place with tables squeezed along the alley. Though there are a few tables, it is more of a takeaway spot.

Best Restaurants in Parikia

Marios – $$

Greek Salad at Mario's Paros Greece, best restaurants in Paros

Marios was originally in Naoussa, but moved to Parikia and it is the best restaurant in Parikia. The best things we ate here were the Greek salad, and the cheese fries that came with the steak. It also has a great view of the sunset, so be sure to get a reservation for sunset. We were able to book it the same day through our hotel. The service was also great.

Aromas- $$

Aromas was the other restaurant we were looking at for dinner in Parikia, but only had one night and picked Marios based on reviews and recommendations from our hotel. Aromas is traditional Greek cuisine and is described as “uncomplicated” and having prompt and friendly service. Aromas is mainly indoor seating on the raised open fronted terrace and garden seating.

Best Restaurants in Antiparos

Bougainvilles- $

Bougainvilles cafe in Antiparos

Bougainvilles is a café in Antiparos town. It has a cute outdoor seating area and offers fresh juices, coffee, yogurt, fruit, eggs and other classic breakfast foods. It’s a great place to relax and grab a bite to eat while you’re shopping around Antiparos Town.

Rooster- $$$

We ended up leaving in the afternoon, but if we were to stay for dinner one of the places we had on our list was Rooster. Rooster is a luxury wellness resort on the island. It has a farm to table restaurant that had great reviews.

Captain Pipino’s- $$

Another restaurant on our list for lunch or dinner was Captain Pipino’s but we decided to spend the afternoon at the beach instead. This was discovered on a Facebook Page and was described as a tiny restaurant that had the “best fish I ever ate” and that they catch the fish right next to you and cook it.

Best Restaurants in Paros Conclusion

In conclusion, the best restaurants in Paros offer incredible traditional Greek food. You can enjoy traditional dishes like the best Greek salads you’ll ever have, gyros, cheese wrapped in phyllo and shrimps with orzo. The food in Paros is also very affordable. Even the $$ restaurants we found to be half the price of a dinner for two for a comparable restaurant in Chicago.

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